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Nearly 40 years ago, we were so excited to see “The Evangelist” magazine steadily grow from a simple, four-page newsletter into eight pages filled with articles I wrote myself. When the magazine grew to 12 pages, we started a column titled, “From Me to You,” which was my way of letting our readers in on some of the personal, everyday happenings of this evangelist. At that time, we were holding, on average, more than 50 indoor campmeetings and crusades each year, so I would have to write my articles well in advance of their print date. Of course, back then, there was no way of knowing just how much publication would change in the years to come.

Today, we are still excited to see “The Evangelist” magazine steadily growing, with each issue now pushing 50 pages. But it’s wonderful to have the added option of the Internet, which allows us to post “From Me to You” in this blog format instantly. Sharing the happenings of this Ministry with all of you is still as important to us now as it was when Frances and I first started evangelistic work nearly 60 years ago. The fact is, we simply could not do what God has called us to do without you. So, as I’ve always tried to convey in these articles, “Thank you so very much.”

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