Pastor Jim Nations

Jim Nations Minister at Family Worship Center, Baton Rouge
Hello, I am Jim Nations of SonLife Broadcasting, the Frances & Friends program at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a native of North Louisiana, born August 29, 1944 into a poor family. My dad was a sharecropper, so I grew up in a small farming town. My home was divided somewhat because of the difference in what my Mom and Dad believed about the Bible. My Mother was a Pentecostal and she was a powerful praying woman. My Dad was a Baptist, as well as, a Freemason. Because my Dad and Mother’s different beliefs, I grew up a little bit confused about Salvation and the Bible but God used that to teach me a valuable lesson.
I married Doris, my high school sweetheart, on December 28, 1961. We have a son and a daughter and now we have been blessed with 4 grandsons. Doris and I moved to Baton Rouge in 1966 where I worked as a construction worker. I drifted away from the Lord being in a big new city with a new job. I joined the Masonic Lodge at the age of 23, mostly because of my Dad’s influence, but also because of my curiosity and the power which I recognized that the Freemasons possessed within the society. Shortly after I was raised to a 3rd degree Master Mason, God began to stir my spirit and He drew me back to Him. Doris and I found a great Church with a wonderful pastor who helped me greatly for the next 10 years. I spent almost 35 years as a construction worker and was a witness there when God would open the doors for me. I also worked as a lay minister teaching Sunday school and ministering for the Pastor upon his request. I have never actually pastored a Church of my own, but I do feel that God has given me a great burden and love for lost souls, as well as, a pastor’s heart.

God began to deal with me about the Freemasons shortly after I came back to Him. I did not understand why, because all I could see at the time was the good works that the Freemasons accomplished. Now I know that you cannot find out the truth in a cult or in any occult organization when you are still on the inside of it. In Freemasonry, a person is forbidden to look on the outside by a death oath! Finally, after many years of internal questions, I decided to break that oath and to look on the outside of Freemasonry. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but it only took a few minutes on the outside to find out that what I was a part of was occultic in nature. I sadly realized that I had been lied to and deceived for several years.

One day in January of 2002, I was listening to then SonLife Radio while working at home. Sister Frances, John Rosenstern and Mike Muzzerall were on that morning and it was shortly after the horrors of 9/11 had devastated the United States. The Frances and Friends program was still fairly new and they were discussing the topic of Islam. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to call and share some of the information that I had learned when the Lord led me out of Freemasonry. I told them how Freemasonry, Islam and the Roman Catholic Church connected and were now working together toward a New World Order which is spoken of in Revelation Chapter 13 & 17. As a result of that telephone call, Sister Frances invited me a few weeks later to share my testimony on SonLife Radio. Now, here I am a part of JSM and the greatest radio program on the air in my opinion. I feel that the Lord has called me to preach the great Gospel message of Jesus Christ and the completed work of Calvary, also to expose the error and false doctrines which have crept into the Church that the Bible warned us would happen, 1Tim. 4:1-3 & 2 Tim. 3:3:1-5.

I give God all glory and praise for where He has led me.

Here to serve the Lord and you, my brothers and sisters in Christ,

Jim Nations

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