From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
April 2021

Thank You Thank you so very, very much for the well wishes extended to this evangelist regarding my eighty-sixth birthday. I thank you, and we give the Lord the praise and the glory for the health that He has given us, and the ministry He has given us above all.

It Was Approximately Ten Years Ago...
It was early on a Sunday morning, just before daylight. I cannot honestly say if it was a vision or something that came to my mind, but I know that it was of the Lord.

In my spirit I saw the dreams that Pharaoh had and the interpretation that Joseph gave him as it regards what was coming upon the land of Egypt and really the entirety of the Middle East. In his first dream, Pharaoh saw seven fat cattle come up out of the river—sleek, healthy, vibrant cattle. Then he saw seven lean cattle come up and devour the fat cattle. In Pharaoh’s second dream, he saw seven stalks of grain that were fat and vibrant. Then seven lean stalks came up and devoured the fat stalks as well. That represents the great tribulation, which is coming upon this earth in the not-too-distant future, and it will last for seven years.

The First Part
But it’s the first part of the dreams that the Lord directed my attention to, and I speak of the seven years of harvest—the greatest that Egypt had ever known and would ever know. It was so great, in fact, that Joseph, who had been placed in charge, had to build granaries all over Egypt. It became so great, and I continue to speak of the harvest, that they quit counting. That’s how great that it was.

The Harvest Of Souls
I believe the Lord spoke to my heart and stated that what He is going to do—and I continue to speak of the harvest of souls—will be be the greatest that the world has ever known.

This Ministry
I also believe that the Lord spoke to me and stated that this ministry (Jimmy Swaggart Ministries) will play a great part in this harvest. And I want to say this—you are a part of this harvest. Never forget that. What you do to help us is not incidental, it is that which God has ordained. Let us say it again: you are called to this harvest just as much as I am.

Next month, I want to deal with what the Lord has already begun to do, so don’t miss it!

In the Master’s service, yours, Jimmy Swaggart