From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
August 2014

We’ve just gone on television in the following countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Kenya in Africa, Sweden, and New Zealand.

We have the command of the Lord to go into every country of the world that will accept our programming, and thank the Lord, most are.

At the time of this writing, we should be covering some 2 million more homes in Southern California than we were this time last month. And yet we still have about 40 million homes in America which cannot get SonLife Broadcasting. We’re doing everything we can, as fast as we can, to rectify this situation. Consequently, I urge you, solicit you, to pray for us daily that God will give us wisdom in all that we’re doing, and, above all, the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon all that goes out to the world. That’s the key — the anointing of the Spirit — plus the convicting power of the Spirit on the hearts of the lost.

But as we say month after month, irrespective that the Lord has called us for what we are doing (and that is undeniable), still, without you, we simply cannot get it done. I realize that’s quite a statement, but I know it to be true.

Of course, the Lord can do anything; however, He uses people to do the sending just as He sends others, namely someone such as myself. I need your prayers on a daily basis, and I need your financial support on a monthly basis. And how so much I thank you — those of you who are so faithful. You are the backbone, the sinew — the muscle of this ministry — and we might quickly add, all under the Lord Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I would pray that you would avail yourself of getting a copy of our new book, The Tabernacle. As someone has said, “the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, while the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.”

The tabernacle, its design given by the Lord to Moses, portrays Jesus Christ as nothing else in the Old Testament. In fact, every part of the tabernacle, and I mean every part, portrayed our Lord in either His atoning work, mediatorial work, and intercessory work. You need to know about these things simply because it will help you to understand our Lord even better. And anything that will help one to understand Christ a little more is valuable indeed!

Incidentally, we have another book coming out on the Old Testament shortly: The Sacrificial System. It will be more than 300 pages, hardback, and will, as well, portray Christ and the Cross as something I think that you have never read.

It goes into detail regarding the great sacrificial system which epitomized what Christ would do at the Cross, and in glaring detail. This is something you will want as quickly as it is ready.

Incidentally, August 9 is Frances’ birthday. Am I going to tell you her age? Mama didn’t raise a complete fool. But this I can say, whatever age she is, she looks about 25 years younger. And I think if you knew her age, you would agree with me in totality.

Incidentally, her program Frances and Friends has the largest audience of any of our programming over the SonLife Broadcasting Network. To prepare for this, she is up every morning at 5 a.m., and goes to bed at night studying the material for the next day. In fact, the Lord has given both of us excellent health, for which we are so very, very thankful. The both of us have but one drive, one passion, one burden, one extreme urgency—and that is to take this Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entirety of the world. We want to see souls saved, and thank God, by the grace of God, that we are seeing.

Every once in a while one of the members of our ministerial or musical staff will no longer be seen on the platform. We have scores of people calling us asking what happened to the person in question.

Please understand, it is against the law for us to say anything. There are many times we would like to, but we can’t. Thank the Lord, it is almost never that one of our preachers, singers, or musicians go elsewhere. We thank the Lord for that.

So, if you are accustomed to seeing a certain person on the platform, and you find they are no longer there, it’s no need asking us why because we simply cannot relay such information. That is always and without fail a very personal matter, and, consequently, we are prohibited from saying anything. It’s not that we don’t want to in most cases, but it’s simply that we can’t.

Incidentally, once again, happy birthday to Frances!