From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
August 2016


Yes, that’s what I said! Since The Expositor’s Study Bible was introduced in 2006, more than 2.5 million copies are in the hands of believers all over the world. How we thank the Lord for the privilege of being a part of what the Lord is doing.

We believe that The Expositor’s Study Bible is the most helpful study Bible in the world today. In other words, I think it will help you to understand the Word as nothing that’s ever been placed in your hands previously. And, if that is the case, and we definitely believe it is, then this is something you must have, if you don’t already have it.

Incidentally, we have placed some 700,000 copies of this Bible into the hands of third world pastors literally all over the world. This is something the Lord told us to do approximately three years ago. And what a blessing it has been, and what a blessing it is.

Most of these pastors could not purchase one of these Bibles even if they were made available. They simply don’t have the money. We have come across pastors in certain countries of the world that didn’t even have a Bible at all, only a few pages out of a New Testament. Now think about that: trying to pastor a church and having no Bible. The Lord has given us the privilege of placing one of the most helpful study Bibles in the world, translated into their language, into their hands. That is truly a gift from heaven, and I think you will agree.

The Expositor’s Study Bible will help keep the doctrine straight, and that is very, very important. Satan does everything he can to pollute, dilute, hinder, and weaken the true Word of God. This is at least one of the reasons we know that The Expositor’s Study Bible is so important. It keeps the record straight. And then it proclaims—as no other Bible in the world—the Message of the Cross. So I want to take this opportunity to thank you so very, very much, for helping us to place these Bibles into the hands of third world pastors. What a privilege it is, and what a blessing it is to these people.


I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that music anointed by the Holy Spirit and touched by the Lord will be of untold blessing. In other words, it will drive away the spirit of fear, the spirit of discouragement, the spirit of depression, emotional disturbances, nervous disorders, and, I believe, will actually serve as a healing effect for some sicknesses. No, I am not attributing any type of magical qualities to our music, but I am most definitely attributing the Spirit of the Lord in our music, for which we give the Lord all the praise and all the glory.

So, you ought to take advantage of the offers that we make as it regards the CDs, and the CD/DVD combos. It will be something that will bless you for a long, long time. Especially considering that we cut the price down to the bone, to make it possible for more and more people to get copies of our music. And of course, that goes for everything we offer. We know that whatever it is—Bibles, books, music, etc.—will be a blessing to you.


I’m talking about the scores of people each Sunday that come by Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge on their vacation, or however. We are so glad to have you, and so very much appreciate you including us in your schedule. One thing we guarantee, when you leave Family Worship Center after one of the services, I believe that you will know that you have been to church. The Lord prayed, “Give us this day our daily bread,” and, by the grace of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we will do our very best to give you the daily bread.


I don’t know if the word equipment is the correct word or not; however, we are having to purchase approximately $1 million in equipment (or whatever it is called), in other words, a playout system for television, which I have mentioned to you before. Yes, you heard and read it right. It costs about $1 million. But you must understand, as I know most of you do, we are attempting to reach the entirety of the world. That’s a lot different than a local area. Again we state, I’m talking about the entirety of the world.

Right now, we are covering most all of it with the exception of communist China, and we are getting some emails even from that great country. We are also getting emails from Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, etc. But we’ve been trying to do all of this on what you would call a wing and a prayer. Trying to reach the whole world is different than trying to reach your neighboring locality. In other words, we have got to have this system. So, I would ask you please to pray about what you could do to help us with this expense. We would appreciate that help, whatever amount it might be, so very, very much.


Incidentally, you need to make your plans to be with us in the upcoming Thanksgiving Campmeeting. The dates are Nov. 23-27. So, if it’s possible, whatever you do, take advantage of it—music like you’ve never heard before and preaching and teaching like you’ve never heard before. It’s going to be a blockbuster, and you don’t want to miss it!

Once again, thank you so very, very much for standing with us prayerfully and financially. It means so much to us, and to the kingdom of God. It just might be possible that all of us have the privilege of being involved in the greatest move of God that the world has ever known, at least in modern times. And we give the Lord all of the praise and glory for that.

We love every one of you, God bless you,