From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
August 2020

A Very, Very Special Day
I’m speaking of Frances’ birthday, and, of course, I might tell you her age, but I suspect that I won’t.

At any rate, I think I’m right about what I’m about to say: I believe that Frances is one of the most influential women in the world today. I say this because of her telecast that airs over a major part of the world. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, she has the largest audience of any program that we have over the network. To say I’m proud of her and what she’s doing for the Lord Jesus Christ is a gross understatement. I personally believe that she is making a difference in the hearts and lives of many, many people.

Years ago, she would tell me, “Honey, now don’t be too hard on the people tonight.” Now that has changed. Oftentimes, I’m saying to her, “Honey, now don’t be too hard on the people today.”

She is a person of remarkable faith. I’ve never seen her discouraged. She’s always stated, “The Lord will see us through,” irrespective of what the situation was.

Good Music And Good Books
You need to fill your heart, your home, and your spirit with that which edifies the Lord. To be sure, our music does just that. It definitely does glorify the Lord and, thereby, is a blessing to all who participate. By that I mean that you join with us in the songs, the singing, and the worship. That is what it’s all about—the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon our efforts in worship as it regards Christ and who He is. As well, considering the price, every believer should get the books that we offer. To be sure, they will help you understand the Word of God to a greater degree.

The Expositor’s Study Bible
I suspect that if we had the Bibles at the moment, we could fill orders for over one million copies. Thank God for the demand, and we are getting the Bibles out just as quickly as we can.

How grateful I am for those of you who make all of this possible. I don’t know of a mission’s work on the face of the earth that can even remotely compare with this, and I speak of placing The Expositor’s Study Bible in the hands of every Third World pastor and worker. Nothing could be more important than that, and you are making it possible, and how so much we thank you.

The Jimmy Swaggart Bible College (JSBC)
The Expositor’s Study Bible is the Bible that helps to explain the Bible. That’s a strange statement, but it is true. I do not personally think there is any study Bible in the world that will help you to understand the Word of God as does The Expositor’s Study Bible. The Lord told me to develop this Bible, showed me how to do it, and then helped me to do it. When I was editing the notes, time and time again I would sense the presence of God. I would tell Frances that the Lord was going to use this Bible. I never dreamed to what extent or that it would go all over the world, but that’s what is happening.

Since the Lord told us to put The Expositor’s Study Bible into the hands of every third world pastor and worker, you have helped us to distribute over two million of these Bibles. Yes, I said some two million. I’m pushing for ten million or more because this is the Bible that will help that third-world pastor as nothing else you could put in his or her hands.

So, thank you so very, very much for helping us to carry out what we think is the most helpful, instructive, and informative work in the world. Help us to pray that the study Bible will serve the purpose intended. We couldn’t do this work without you.

We are quickly coming to the time that we feel we are able to offer something special as it regards JSBC. I fear that there aren’t many Bible colleges presently that adhere strictly to the Word of God. Yes, we will offer courses that are practical, such as English, math, etc., but the major thrust will always be the Word of God, and above all, the message of the cross. That’s what we are, and that’s what we do.

I get letters from people who say to me, “Please don’t change.” To be frank with you, I would not know how to change if I wanted to. I believe that God has given us one of the greatest messages in the world, and I’m speaking of the message of the cross. That’s what I live and breathe, and to think of changing it for something else is absolutely abhorrent. No, the only thing we think will change in this Bible college is that we will get closer and closer to the Lord and have a far greater move of the Holy Spirit.

As it regards this Bible college, if the Lord leads you our way, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

We are working now on a financial program to help those of you who wish to come to the school but need help with finances.

If you want more information, please visit the JSBC website at

Once again, I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayerful support and your financial support. To be frank, we could not do without either one. We are living in perilous times, and Satan is making an all-out attack against the forces of righteousness. He will not succeed because the Lord will raise up a standard against him. Again, we love you very, very much, and I thank you for not fussing at me for preaching from a chair. The Lord has blessed abundantly these last few times, and I believe the anointing of the Holy Spirit is going to increase more and more. Please remember that the anointing breaks the yoke.

In the Master’s service, yours, Jimmy Swaggart