From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
November 2014


We believe that our material, whether The Expositor’s Study Bible, or the music, or the books, etc., would make the finest Christmas gifts in the world. We keep hearing it said, “keep Christ in Christmas,” and rightly so. This is one of the best ways that one can do just that, keep Christ in Christmas.

If you are thinking about getting a young person something, or an elder such as myself (actually age makes no difference), there could be nothing better than The Expositor’s Study Bible. As you can see, we have cut the price on all the items actually to the bone making it possible, hopefully, for you to take advantage of these most excellent offers. But I must caution you, don’t wait until two days before Christmas to place your order. Do it now.


We are adding cables, stations, and satellites almost constantly because we believe the Lord has told us to go through every door that He opens, and that we are attempting to do. However, I need your prayers. I would implore you to pray for us daily, that we may do exactly what God wants us to do — no more, no less! It is the Lord who has instigated The SonLife Broadcasting Network. It is the Lord who has opened the doors. It is the Lord who is helping us to touch a great part of this world. Actually, counting the Internet, nearly 4 billion people, if they so desire, can pick up SBN.


The other day President Obama stated that the new terror group in Iraq is not Muslim. At basically the same time, David Cameron, the prime minister of Great Britain, stated basically the same thing.

I beg to disagree with both of these gentlemen; ISIS is Muslim. All must understand, while all Muslims are not murderers, all Muslims, at least if they are true to the Koran, are in sympathy with the murderers.

The policy of both of these nations (America and Great Britain) is that there are the “good Muslims,” and the “rabid Muslims.”

Let me say it again: While all Muslims are not murderers, most definitely all Muslims are in sympathy with the murderers. Until we start looking at this thing honestly, we are going to invite more and more destruction. The Koran demands that every Muslim, whomever they might be, do everything within their power to Islamize the entirety of the world. To be sure, the Muslim world hates America and Israel. Israel is referred to as the “little Satan,” and America as the “great Satan.” And to be sure, the untold thousands of Muslims which are coming into America are not here to have a better life, they are here to do whatever they can to destroy our way of life, and to Islamize the nation of America. That goes as well for Great Britain. As well, we must understand that the god worshipped by the Muslims is not the God of the Bible. Their god is a demon spirit. Actually, the very name “Allah” was derived from one of the Babylonian deities, i.e., demon spirits.


The following is what must be understood: If the Muslim world, which includes the “good Muslims,” and the “bad Muslims,” had the power to do so, they would demand every human being in the world to embrace Islam, or else they would be killed or enslaved. Now that’s a fact. That’s what we are facing. And for our nation to open up its arms to the Muslim world will not bring the desired peace, but actually the very opposite. As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we must pray twofold: We must pray for the Muslim world. Jesus died for them the same as for everyone else. We must pray for our leaders that they may see the danger in which we are being placed by their policies.


We are always so grateful and thankful for the many, many visitors that visit Family Worship Center each and every week. Even though we do not know you personally, in a sense we feel like we do. We have the privilege of coming into your home, your heart, and your lives 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And this one thing we promise, by the grace of God, we will always do our very best to hold true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I personally believe that the Message of the Cross is the message of the last days. It is the Holy Spirit taking the church back to its roots. Thank God for the privilege we have of being a part of this great move of the Spirit. We love every one of you, and wish you a very, very merry Christmas.