From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
February 2014


Of course, I’m speaking of the SONLIFE BROADCASTING NETWORK. The Lord is opening up door after door in country after country, almost beyond our capacity to keep up. But yet, this is exactly what the Lord told me in 2010 what He would do. He said, “I will open the door wide,” and then not so long ago He spoke again to my heart stating, “I have opened the door wide, but I can open it even wider.”

I am trying my best to walk as close to the Lord as is humanly possible. I want nothing in my life that would hinder the Holy Spirit from having His Way. All of this is the preparation for what I believe, will be the greatest Move of God the world or the Church has ever known. I am believing that the Holy Spirit is going to give us His Anointing, and at the same time His convicting Power relative to the lost, perhaps in a measure that man has never known before. It will result, I believe, in millions of souls coming to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Early Church preached the Cross. This was the foundation of the Message, which the Lord gave to the Apostle Paul, and he gave it to us in his 14 Epistles. Unfortunately, after the death of the Apostles and those who knew the Apostles, the Church began to decline in spirituality. It finally morphed into what is now known as the Catholic Church, actually, totally apostatizing.

The world then was plunged into the Dark Ages, and it was because the Gospel of Jesus Christ was no longer being preached.

Please understand, the Gospel of our Lord has a positive effect far beyond our capacity to understand. In other words, if the Gospel is truly preached in any nation, that nation sooner or later will experience economic blessings, social blessings, and, in fact, blessings of every kind. That’s how powerful the Gospel really is.

And then, after a period of time, the Holy Spirit helped usher in the Reformation. In other words, “the Just shall live by Faith.” This was followed by the great Holiness Meetings, which actually originated in England, Wales, and Scotland, etc., eventually coming to America. And then at the turn of the 20th century, the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit began, which played out to the effect of touching the entire world for Christ. I know, because we have been a part of that great Move. But now, sad to say, even that Move is beginning to wane and weaken. And so the Holy Spirit has brought back once again the great Message of the Cross. In other words, what brought the Church in is going to take the Church out.

Each of you who are blessed by the SONLIFE BROADCASTING NETWORK, and who stand with us prayerfully and financially, you are an integral part of this Work. You have been called of God just as much as I have been called, or any member of this staff. You must not forget that. Consequently, with such a Call, there comes a tremendous responsibility. In other words, don’t take lightly this place and position which the Lord has afforded you.

Some time ago, when the Lord laid it on the heart of both Frances and myself to begin what we then called, the FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER MEDIA CHURCH., little did I realize to what degree the Lord would use this effort.

Many of you see us every Sunday morning, reading the names and the locations of the individuals who have joined a week or so before.

Actually, over a hundred a week are joining the FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER MEDIA CHURCH. The requirements? Really there is only one requirement, and that is that you be Born-Again. And we take your word for that.

Some would ask the question, “Do we have to pay so much money each month?”

Your giving is between you and the Lord. As it would be obvious, it costs a lot of money to bring the Programming into your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And, to be sure, if you never give a dime or a dollar to this Work, we’re still going to do our very best to be of help and blessing to you concerning the Word of God. But yet, if your soul is fed by SONLIFE BROADCASTING NETWORK, well then, in the Eyes of God, you owe some support. How much support that is, once again, we leave between you and the Lord. But I will say this:
I thank the Lord extensively so, for the scores of you who pay your tithe to FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER MEDIA CHURCH. In fact, people write constantly and ask, “Brother Swaggart, where should I pay my tithe?”
The answer to that is relatively simple. You pay your tithe to the place that you are fed. Now think about that statement for just a moment. It’s not hard to understand what it says.
Whatever is feeding you, whatever is helping you to learn and understand the Word of God to a greater degree, where the Presence of the Lord is manifested, and it blesses you, that is what you should support. And how so much I thank each and every one of you, who take this to heart, and you do the best that you can each and every month. Our business is to touch the world, and we really cannot do it without you. Whether you belong to FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER MEDIA CHURCH or not, your prayerful support and your financial support are so greatly needed and appreciated. I’ll say it again, without you we simply could not do what the Lord has called us to do. And I will say this again as well, you are called just as I am called. I am called to be sent, and you are called to do the sending (Rom. 10:14-15).

The dates are April 16 through 20.
There’s nothing in the world quite like the FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER Campmeetings. It’s a little bit of Heaven on Earth. Thousands of people gather from all over the world with one purpose in mind, and that is to worship the Lord. And the Lord never disappoints! And whenever the Spirit of God is moving, great things happen. Let me say this:
If you can come and don’t, you’re going to miss something great. So, if it’s possible for you to be with us, I’m looking for you. Remember this:
Whether you are there or not, the Lord will Move; however, it will be better if you are present. I’m going to look for you, don’t miss it!

There are things going on in the modern church, which we believe are totally unscriptural, and which will fall out to the hurt of many, many people. If we leave the Word of God, we have left the roadmap and the guidepost. Unfortunately, much of the church world is doing just that – leaving the Word of God.

As all of you know, Gabriel is the Youth Pastor at FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER. God has given him a tremendous burden for the youth of this nation and the world. He has taken a stand, even as he should, against some of the music that is going out in church, of all places. Please note carefully the following:
When some of the music groups who call themselves “Christian,” and who perform in churches all over the country, are asked as to where they receive their inspiration – their answer will startle you.

They will answer many times, “Our inspiration comes from the Beatles, or Prince,” or a score of others they might name. And please understand, these groups are inspired by Satan himself. And that is to steal, to kill, and destroy.

And when they say they get their inspiration from these individuals, that means they are getting their inspiration from Satan himself. God help us!

That’s the same thing as a Preacher standing behind the Pulpit, and stating that he gets his inspiration from Jack Daniel’s liquor. It’s the same thing!

This I pledge and promise to you. As we see the Word of God, and as the Holy Spirit helps us to understand it, irrespective as to who doesn’t like it, irrespective as to whom it hits, we have taken, and are taking a stand.
We cannot do less!
In years past, we have had people who were giving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to this Ministry to stop their giving because they didn’t like a certain stand that we had taken. I’m glad I can say that I have never allowed that to hinder the position that we take. This Ministry is not for sale. It never has been, and it never will be. By the Grace of God, we will preach what we feel like the Lord has given unto us. In consequence, I earnestly plead for your prayers. I ask that you would seek the Lord daily on our behalf. Pray that we will do exactly what the Lord wants us to do, no more, no less!