From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
Feb 2016

More and more each day the Lord helps me to know and realize just how important that the Message of the Cross actually is.

What I’m about to say is strong, and please understand I’m not speaking of myself, or any member of my family, or our preachers here at the ministry. I am speaking of the message that we are delivering, and, of course, I’m talking about the Message of the Cross.

This message just might be the only thing that’s holding back judgment on this nation. And again, I emphasize, I’m not speaking of myself, but rather the message. In fact, I believe it is far more important than even I know. To be sure, anything of the Lord is of vast significance, but there are some things that are more important than others, and I think this message—the Message of the Cross—heads the list.

When I say that it’s holding back judgment on this nation, this goes for every nation in the world where this message is aired. I am beginning to realize why the Lord has urged me to put the SonLife Broadcasting Network in every country of the world where the Lord opens the door.


And yet, you are helping to make this possible. In fact, and, as I continue to say, without you, it simply could not be done.

The Message of the Cross is that which the Holy Spirit, I believe, is presently saying to the churches. Thank God for the tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of people who are beginning to hear this message, and beginning to realize that this is the gospel. It’s what the Lord gave to the Apostle Paul, and Paul gave to us in his 14 epistles.


Do you actually and honestly know how important this is—the part that you play in this work? Actually, I don’t think its possible for any human being to fully know this. However, I believe that many of you are beginning to understand that it is far more significant than any of us realize. Thank God for the privilege!

Irrespective, I am doing the very best I know how to do to walk as close to the Lord as is humanly possible. I know this is something that is imperative. If the Lord is to use us in the manner in which I believe that He is, we must walk softly before Him.


The books that we offer and the music that we offer—we like to think are at least some of the best that you can get of their kind in the world today. Especially considering the information that’s given in our books, I would pray that each one of you—whenever we release a new title—would get it, if at all possible. We do our best to cut the price to the bone to make it possible for you to get a copy, and I would hope that each and every one of you would respond accordingly. You need this material. You need what we’re saying.

The music falls under the same category. It will provide untold hours of blessing for you as these great songs come to your heart.

Also, we think The Expositor’s Study Bible is the finest study Bible in the world today. Am I prejudiced? Of course I am. But I actually do believe what I’m saying. Anything that will help anyone understand the Word of God to a greater degree is valuable indeed. And to be sure, The Expositor’s Study Bible will help you to do just that—understand the Word more and more and to an ever greater degree.

Do you realize that we’ve just crossed the 2 million mark? In other words, there are some 2 million Expositor’s Study Bibles in the hands of preachers and people all over the world. We give the Lord the praise and the glory for that. Incidentally, each of you who are helping to put these Bibles into the hands of pastors in third world countries is, we think, part of the most excellent missions work in the world today. I believe that! And I thank you so very, very much for helping to make it possible. Without you, we couldn’t do it.


I would ask you to hold us up before the Lord in prayer each and every day. I solicit your prayers. I ask for your prayers. I need your prayers. Ask the Lord to give us leading in all things, and ask the Lord that we be close enough to Him where we can hear that still small voice and follow accordingly.


I believe the Lord has given Family Worship Center some of the finest preachers in the world today. I realize that’s quite a statement, but I believe it to be true. I think each and every one of you who tune in to the services on Sundays and Wednesday nights will agree with me. The information given, and, above all, the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the messages, is phenomenal, to say the least. We give God all praise.

And, I’ll have to ask you to forgive me for what I’m about to say, but I think I would be remiss if I didn’t say it: I am so proud of Donnie and Gabriel, especially at the anointing of the Holy Spirit that’s on their hearts, their lives, and their ministries. Their knowledge of the Word of God is exceptional, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit on their efforts is phenomenal indeed. People are getting saved, lives are being changed, believers are being baptized with the Holy Spirit, and bondages of darkness are being broken. You can’t ask for anything greater than that.

Now, as I’ve said, you’ll have to forgive me for mentioning my son and my grandson, but I am very thankful to the Lord for His call upon their hearts and lives, and their obedience in carrying out that call.