From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
February 2020

How Pleased We Are…
To say that we are pleased is a gross understatement, and I’m speaking of the visitors we have every Sunday at Family Worship Center—visitors from all over the world.

Two or three Sundays ago, one particular brother introduced himself and said, “Brother Swaggart, I never miss a Sunday service over television.” And then he said, “But it’s nothing like being here live. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

How thankful we are for the moving and operation of the Holy Spirit that blesses the people wherever they are from, and whoever they might be. That’s what it’s all about—the Spirit of God. When the moving and operation of the Holy Spirit takes place, questions are answered, weaknesses are addressed, sins are forgiven, and power is ladled out to whosoever will

How so thankful we are for those of you who stand by this ministry both prayerfully and financially. I wish I had the vocabulary to properly express myself as it regards my thanksgiving respecting you who make it all possible. The taking of the gospel to the entirety of the world is obedience to the command of our Lord: “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). That’s what we do; that’s what we must do. But again, as I’ve already stated, we cannot do it without you.

I’m asking each of you please to set aside something each month, financially speaking, to help SBN. To be sure, many of you already do that, and what a blessing and help that it is. But I’m asking that all of you who are blessed by SonLife Television and SonLife Radio would do the same thing each month, and make SBN a part of your monthly giving. We need it desperately, and we thank you for praying about this and doing what the Lord would want you to do.

A Testimony
For those of you whom the Lord has touched and blessed in some particular way as a result of SonLife Broadcasting—maybe you’ve given your heart to Christ, or been healed by the power of God, or delivered by the power of our Lord—whatever it might be, drop us a short note as many of you already do, and let us know what Jesus Christ has done for you. It will bless you, and it will bless untold thousands as they read about it, that is, if we do print it. We will be very discreet as it regards identification, but we do want the people to know about what Jesus Christ has done in your heart and in your life. There is nothing greater than a testimony to the grace and glory of God. And if you’ll stop and think, many of you have experienced something wonderful, something great. So, let the world know about it—whatever it might be—and it will be a blessing to untold numbers of people, and it’s something that you should do. I am looking forward to receiving your letters and your emails.

A Chair
Some weeks ago, I used a chair in which to sit down while preaching that Sunday morning. I didn’t use it for the whole message, but only a small part of it. I probably will use it more and more as we go along.

Yes, I’m in excellent health as far as I know. As well, I feel strong. But at the same time at my age (85 next month), things are a little bit slower than they used to be. How thankful to the Lord I am for the grace and strength that He has given me. How thankful I am for the excellent health, for both Frances and myself. I couldn’t ask for better. But if you see me sitting in a chair at times while I preach, don’t think anything about it except what it is.

It’s hard for me to stand in one spot and preach, and do so in a monotone. It’s just not my style. But, at times, I don’t quite have all the strength I need to do what I used to do, but I thank the Lord for the strength He has given me, despite my age.

The Moving And Operation Of The Holy Spirit
I am speaking of what goes out over television and radio, plus the internet, and satellites, etc. There is nothing like the Spirit of God. The Lord has told me that wherever the signal goes around the world, and ever how it goes, that His Spirit will go with it, and that He will save, He will fill, He will heal, He will deliver, and He will bless. That’s quite a promise, but that’s what the Lord has told me. So I’m expecting you to receive that which the Lord has done, is doing, and shall do. In fact, it’s going to get bigger and bigger, greater and greater, with a greater force of the power of God than ever before. Whatever you need, I want you to receive it. All of you are very special to us, and I’m talking about the entire staff at Family Worship Center and the entire staff of SonLife Broadcasting Network. How so honored we are to have you as a part of our audience.