From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
January 2014

It seems almost impossible that a new year has rolled around, but it will be here in a few days. The growth that we have experienced in this year of 2013 can be labeled as none other than miraculous. We give the Lord all the praise and all the glory.
I believe 2014 is going to be the best year yet. I am anticipating a miraculous Salvation of souls. I’m anticipating, as well, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will be like nothing the world has ever seen before. I know what the Lord is doing in my own personal heart, and the things I’m telling you are not mere rhetoric, but, in reality, I believe, the Word of the Lord.
As I dictate these notes, we cover nearly two-thirds of the United States with 24-hour television, seven days a week. Before 2014 is out, we hope to cover the entirety of the nation.

Spirit-filled Believers interceding before the Lord for the welfare of our nation will do more good than all the “Million Man Marches” or whatever that one could think. The problem is not physical, material, or economical, it isspiritual. The weaker the Church is, the more the nation slides toward oblivion, and it’s weaker today than it hasbeen since the Reformation.
Among other things, especially world Evangelism, I believe the Lord has raised up SONLIFE BROADCASTING NETWORK to stand in the gap, so to speak. The Spiritual affects everything – the economy, the military, the social position of the nation – literally everything. So I’m urging you who know how to pray, and some of you do, to hold up our nation before God. That’s our only hope!

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OFFERS We believe the material we offer in this Magazine (THE EVANGELIST) is some of the best of its kind in the world today. We feel like the music is that which will glorify the Lord, and bless you, the Believer. We feel the Commentaries and the Books will help you to understand the Word of God to a greater degree, and the understanding of the Word is the greatest thing that anyone could ever undertake. The Bible is the only revealed Truth in the world today and, in fact, ever has been. As a Believer, you ought to avail yourself of the opportunity to obtain material that will help you understand the Word to a greater degree. Anything that will do that is worth its weight in gold, so to speak, and I believe that I exaggerate not.

For instance, we do our very best to offer the Commentaries at a very reduced price. We do this because we want you, the Believer, to have this material that will help you understand the Word to a greater degree. While you may not be able to buy all of them at one time, you ought to get at least one a month until you have the complete set. You should resort to these Commentaries often as it regards the understanding of particular Passages, etc.
To my knowledge, there aren’t very many Commentaries being written at this particular time. So let me say it again, anything that will help you to understand the Word of God to a greater degree, you should make it available to your own study.
Once again, we pray that the year 2014 will prove to be the greatest year for you yet. If you will set yourself to pray with us and for us, to support THE SONLIFE BROADCASTING NETWORK, and do so in every way possible, I can guarantee the Blessings of God upon you. I’m not afraid to say that because I know it is correct.