From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
June 2014

That is our field, the entirety of the world. I realize that is quite a task, but yet, that which we believe God has called us to do. And yet, as I say over and over again, without you, we simply could not do anything. However, working together, there is no limit to what can be done, especially with the guidance and empowerment of the Lord. Please allow me to give you a little more information as to what I think the Lord is doing.

I have a list of every country in the world and how many people in that respective country who speak English. You would be surprised at how many do speak English.
Even if only 25 percent in a country speak English, thereby, understanding it, the Lord can use our programming even though it is in English. Let me explain.
Out of those in that respective country (whichever it might be), who speak English, there are a few who know the Lord. I believe those few will tune in to the programming. In fact, it is certain that they will do so. When they hear the Message of the Cross, the Lord is going to cause some of them to preach this Gospel, this Good News.
For those who understand English, but yet, they aren’t saved, some are going to give their hearts to the Lord, and again, God is going to call some of them to preach the Gospel, which they will do in their own language. That’s the reason that we are trying to get the programming established in every country of the world, at least where the door will be opened.

I am expecting the Holy Spirit to move as never before very shortly. I am speaking of an anointing, plus the convicting power of the Spirit, that alone can penetrate the shell of sin that incarcerates every unbeliever. Only the Spirit of God can penetrate and pierce that shell. I have asked the Lord for certain things in this arena, and I believe that He has promised me that it would be done.

As many of you have already heard me say, and I will say again, the following is what you as a Believer can do:
~ I need your faith. I want you to believe God with me that He will do great and mighty things. I need your faith.
~ I need for you to pray for us, even on a daily basis. I know that some few of you are intercessors, and I depend on you to help roll back the tides of darkness.
~ I need for you to tell others about SonLife Broadcasting Network. It would be and will be one of the greatest things that you would do for anyone.
~ Then, I need for you to give of your financial resources as the Lord would lead you to do so. In fact, for multiple thousands of you, Family Worship Center is your church, and to be sure, we are glad to have you. So, I’m asking you to support it as you would any other church, and even more so because of our worldwide effort.

Every one of you needs to have a small Christian library containing books that will help you in your faith and, above all, to understand the Word of God a little better. We believe that our Commentaries will do that. Actually, these Commentaries are not made to be read like other books, but yet, we have scores of people who do just that — they read them just like they’re reading any other book. To be sure, anyone who takes the time to do that will have a greater understanding of the Word of God, I think, than ever.
Considering that we are cutting the price to the bone as it regards the Commentaries, whatever you do, even as some of you have done, all of you need to take advantage of getting as many of these as you can. Please believe me, time and time again, they will come in extremely handy as you look up particular information about certain Scriptures in the Word of God.

It’s our brand new CD. It has 10 great songs, which I think will be worship experiences, and which I think will greatly bless you. As some of you have heard me say, music and singing constitute the highest form of worship and praise given to us in the Word of God.
We know that simply because of the length of the great Book of Psalms, which actually contains 150 songs, all authored by the Holy Spirit. Inasmuch as the Lord devoted this much time and space to music and singing as it constitutes the worship of the Lord, we know that this means that it is the highest form of worship and praise.

I would hope you would get this new release, and I believe it will be a tremendous blessing to you.