From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
JUne 2015


ALTHOUGH IT’S A LITTLE late, I want to express my deepest appreciation to each and every one of you who sent your well wishes as it regarded my 80th birthday. I don’t know how one is supposed to feel at 80 years of age, but this I do know, I’ve never felt better in my life, and I give the Lord all the praise and glory for that.

I have asked Him to give both Frances and me enough years to finish this task, and I speak of world evangelism. I believe that the Lord is going to do a new thing that is going to sweep hundreds of thousands, if not millions, into the kingdom of God.


The great crowd was ready! And yet, in the midst of all of the pre-service comings and goings, there was an electric silence that seemed to fill and permeate the air. Then when it began, it was church, and I mean church like you like to see.

The music was absolutely exceptional, and Gabe’s message was exceptional. Souls were saved, lives were changed, and above all, the gospel of Jesus Christ went out that night to everyone who was there. It was music such as most had never heard before, and it was preaching such as most had never heard before. Above all, it was the moving and operation of the Holy Spirit that most had never seen before.

Both Donnie and Gabe are going to be conducting these rallies all over the United States, and if you are within driving distance of any one of these rallies, whatever you do, make your plans to be there. All will be just one night, but it will be a time that you will not forget.


When the Lord began to open this up to me in 2010, he used the second dream of Pharaoh, with Joseph’s interpretation, to give me the information. The dream consisted of a stalk of grain with seven buds that were wasted, maltreated, and sickly. There were seven of them, which I believe the Lord told me portrays the coming great tribulation that will also last for seven years.

However, the first part of the dream consisted of a stalk of grain with seven buds that were healthy, fat-fleshed, and vibrant. I believe they represent the harvest of souls that is going to take place. I believe this is what the Lord has spoken to my heart.

I asked the Lord that night what I was to tell the people. He told me, “Tell them to believe.”


Modern technology, and I speak of television, can now reach untold millions of people in just a short period of time. As I dictate these notes for the June issue of The Evangelist, we are now airing in some 85 million homes in America, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As it regards foreign countries, we are speaking of more than 200 million homes, and that is besides the satellites and the Internet. In fact, I am told that if people want to do it, they can tune in to SonLife Broadcasting in some 2 billion homes in this world. As the Spirit of God begins to move, untold numbers can be saved in a few moments’ time, plus untold numbers baptized with the Holy Spirit.


I implore you, I ask you, and I plead with you that you pray for us even on a daily basis that we may do exactly what the Lord wants us to do. In other words, we must not fall behind Him, and we must not get ahead of Him. I believe the Lord has told me that this great move is coming to pass and that Jimmy Swaggart Ministries is going to play a great part in it. I believe that. When I was a child, and I’m speaking of 8, 9, and 10 years of age, the Lord spoke to me greatly, telling me that I would preach to most of the nations of the world. At those tender ages, I knew that the Lord had spoken this to my heart, but I did not understand it. How could this be? Well now, as it regards modern technology, it can easily be and, in fact, is already coming to pass.


How so much I thank you for standing with us, for praying with us, and for supporting this work financially, which means so very, very much. I am urging each and every one of you to set aside an amount each month that you feel that the Lord would want you to give and have it ready for the share-a-thon each month. If every believer who loves SonLife Broadcasting would do that, we wouldn’t have to spend four days raising funds. To be frank, we could raise the entire amount in one day, and that’s the way it ought to be.

Thank the Lord that some of you are doing just that. You are so faithful to give each month, and to say we appreciate it presents itself as a gross understatement. But I’m appealing to all of you who are blessed by this ministry. SonLife Broadcasting is an answer to prayer, but yet, you do not give as faithfully as you ought. I would ask you to remedy that. Let the Lord lead you as to what He wants you to do each month and be faithful to do it. I’ll promise this one thing: He most definitely will bless you.


If it’s at all possible, you need to get a copy of every book that we put out and every recording that we make in music. Our books will help you to understand the Word of God to a greater degree than ever before. With that being the case, you should take advantage of it. We cut the price to the bone on all of these items to make it possible for you to take advantage of them. I would pray that you would.

One lady wrote me the other day, saying, “Brother Swaggart, I’ve ordered material from other ministries and most of the time, it was little more than junk (those are her words), but the material that we get from your ministry is A-1. Not only is the material itself excellent as far as the teaching is concerned, or whatever it might be, but, as well, the quality of the production is par excellent. I appreciate that.” And I appreciate her letter, and I believe that most of you will agree with her.


The dates are July 22-26.

When I say “Youth Conference,” don’t let it fool you. This is a Campmeeting, and it is open to every believer, young and old alike. I’ll guarantee you this, you won’t be disappointed.

So many of you have written in the past, wanting us to reinstitute the July Campmeeting. Well, this is our replacement, and I’ll promise you this, it’s going to be a little bit of heaven on earth. So, whether you are 8 or 80, make your plans to be with us, and I’ll guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.