From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
March 2015


ON MARCH 15, THIS evangelist will be 80 years young. I’ve never felt better in my life, and I give the Lord all the praise and glory for that. I have asked the Lord to give both Frances and me enough years to finish this course. What is the task of which I speak?

I am speaking of world evangelism. When I was a child, the Lord called me for this task. Of course, being 8, 9, 10 years old, etc., I didn’t understand that much about it, but I did know that we would be preaching all over the world, and now we are.

How I thank the Lord for what He is now doing, but I believe it is only a down payment, so to speak, of what the Lord is going to do in the very near future. I speak of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, coming to the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe the push that is coming is going to be the last great push before the coming great tribulation, and I know that this ministry (Jimmy Swaggart Ministries) is going to play a great part in this move.

However, I actively solicit your prayers. This means so very, very much to me. In fact, I cannot do without your intercession before the Lord on behalf of this ministry. Thank you so much for that.


Of course, I ask for absolutely nothing for myself, and if anyone sends money stating they want me to have it, please understand that that money will immediately be given for television. I will not receive anything for myself personally.

However, to celebrate my 80th birthday, I am asking for an offering, which will go for television. As the Lord helps you to do so, I’m asking you to give $8,000, or maybe $800, or $580, or $180, or $80, or $20.80. We need it for television, and I would appreciate your help so very, very much in this capacity. I’m sure I look every day of 80 years old, and perhaps even older, but I definitely don’t feel like I’m that old. I give the Lord the praise for that.


We just went on in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in nearly 1 million homes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By the time you hold this magazine in your hands, we should also be airing in Nashville, Tennessee, in nearly a million homes as well. We are also going on in Seattle, Washington, with 1.25 million homes. How we thank the Lord for opening these doors. As well, we are airing four hours a day, Monday through Friday, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which we hope to shortly increase to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To my knowledge, this is the only area where we only air just a few hours, but we are glad to be able to do that. It starts at 8 a.m. and goes to noon (EST). You can adjust it for the different time zones, of course.

Also, by the time you read this, we should be going into Iran with the programming (at least a part of the programming) translated into Persian, which is the language of the Iranians. Pray that God will use it, which I know that He will.


How so much we thank the Lord for all of our FWC Media Church members. You are very, very special to us. I remind myself that every time we have service, you are with us, and how so glad we are to have you.

As well, I am so very, very grateful for the prayerful support and the financial support that you give us, whether you are an FWC Media Church member or not. To bring the signal into your home, your heart, and your life is not a simple process, as I’m certain most of you know. But yet, how privileged we are that the Lord has opened this door to your home. That’s the reason we’re doing everything within our power to go into every home in the world where the Lord will open the door. There is nothing in the world more special or more important than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything else takes a distant second, third, etc. However, we cannot do it without you. The one who is to be sent cannot go unless there is a sender. Paul said: “And how shall they preach, except they be sent?” (Rom. 10:15).


Resurrection Campmeeting is coming up (April 1-5, 2015). It’s going to be a blockbuster, and I pray that if it’s at all possible, you will make plans to be with us.

In this last camp, the Spirit of God was very prevalent in service after service, for which we give the Lord all the praise and glory. I believe that Resurrection Campmeeting is going to be bigger and better than ever. So, if possible, make your plans to be with us.

Again, Happy Birthday, Jimmy.

I feel ridiculous saying “Happy Birthday” to myself, but I’ll gladly suffer the indignity. Thank the Lord for 80 years and thank the Lord for as many more as we need, as stated, to finish this task.

Thank you so very, very much for your help in this. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing all over the world.