From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
May 2015


ALMOST EVERY MONTH WE’RE adding between 100,000 and a million homes of coverage for SonLife television here in the States. That’s beside the overseas expansion. In 2010, the Lord spoke to me while in prayer saying, “The Evil One tried to close the door to this ministry in the 1990s, but I am about to open that door wide.” The Lord has done exactly what He said that He would do. SonLife Broadcasting Network is now available in 80 million homes in America, plus more than 200 million overseas. It is our business to touch the entirety of the world, and that’s what we’re aiming toward.

We know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have the message. That message is, “Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” The Message of the Cross is the gospel (I Cor. 1:17). And I thank you so very, very much for standing with us prayerfully and standing with us financially. In fact, this which the Lord has called us to do, and He most definitely has called us, could not be done without you. I know I say that constantly, but I say it because it is the truth.

When you stand with those whom God has called, you will receive a prophet’s reward, etc. (Mat. 10:41).


Also, I believe the Lord has told me that there is going to be a harvest of souls in the very near future, actually the greatest harvest the world or the church has ever known. How will this be done?

It will be done through television.

But television within itself, as important as it is, cannot effect anything of this nature. There must be the right message, and there must be an anointing upon that message for this harvest to be gathered. It does no good whatsoever to send a messenger with a message that’s not biblical because what is produced will be the same false doctrine. It must be biblical Christianity, and it must be given under the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. But I also believe the Lord has told me that He is going to provide this, perhaps to a greater measure than has ever been known previously.


The wonderful thing is the gospel - the pure gospel of Jesus Christ - that is going out over a great part of the world. For that we give the Lord the praise and the glory. But it’s also a time of much false doctrine. This means that every believer must be on guard, must watch as well as pray, because so much of what is preached presently is not the gospel, and it will lead people (and we speak of believers), to spiritual wreckage.

I would urge each and every one of you, as you can, to get every book that we put out, and as you are able to do so, to get every copy of the commentaries that we have. It would do you good to read a little bit each day in one of the books or the commentary. There is a tremendous amount of Scripture embedded in all that we write, so when you are reading our books or the commentaries, you are, in a sense, reading the Bible. And let me say it quickly, the Word of God is the only revealed truth in the world today, and in fact ever has been!

Do you have a copy of The Expositor’s Study Bible? If you don’t, whatever you do, you must get a copy. It will help keep you true to the Word of God.


How so very happy we are to have you as a part of our work for the Lord. Of course I’m speaking of all those who are members of Family Worship Center’s Media Church - who live elsewhere than Baton Rouge in this world. As we said above, I believe each and every one of you will receive a prophet’s reward.

I would urge you, please, to do three things:

Pray for us daily. This means so very, very much to me and to the entirety of the ministry.

Tell others about SonLife Broadcasting Network. It could be, and no doubt will be, the greatest favor you ever did that person. Yes, some will laugh at you, some will ridicule you, but some will do what you request, and their world will change, and for the better. We will ask you, as the Lord blesses you, that you pay your tithe to Family Worship Center. Always remember, it’s impossible to outgive God. We do our best to bring you services that are covered by the Spirit of God which will bless you, help you, and strengthen you wondrously so. In turn, we ask for your help in order that we may continue to come into your homes, your hearts, and your lives, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For those of you who already fall into this category, how so much I thank you! How so much I appreciate you.

Quite often I get letters asking, “Brother Swaggart, where do I pay my tithe?” The answer to that is very simple. You support that which feeds you. It’s just that simple, and it doesn’t take rocket science to figure it out. The Lord doesn’t have to appear to you in a dream, etc. You support that which feeds you. Once again, we love you, and may God richly, richly bless you.