From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
May 2016


We are presently getting more emails, more letters, and more phone calls from other countries of the world—literally all around the world—than ever before. We are getting correspondence from places that we never dreamed that television was being aired in that part of the world; however, what is happening is, they are pulling it down from the satellites, and we cover most of the world by satellite. It’s the gospel of Jesus Christ, and it is presented by the power of the Holy Spirit, and there is nothing in the world more powerful than that. We give the Lord all the praise and all the glory.


Of course I’m speaking of the rallies conducted by Donnie and Gabriel. To be sure, when they come to your area, or within driving distance, whatever you do, you must not miss. There is nothing in the world like the Spirit and power of God moving and operating in these services. People are saved; lives are changed and there’s nothing greater than that. And beside all of that, it’s the most exciting place in the world to be. You don’t want to miss it!

I personally do not believe there are many preachers in the world today who are preaching under such a powerful anointing as Donnie and Gabriel, and in fact that would go for all of the preachers here at Family Worship Center. It is as if the anointing of the Holy Spirit is increasing almost by the day. Once again, we thank the Lord.


As I dictate these notes, we have nearly reached the 2.5 million mark for The Expositor’s Study Bible. How we thank the Lord for that.

And let me say one more thing: I don’t care how many Expositor’s that you have, if you don’t have the deluxe edition, which is beautiful, has a genuine leather cover, and will last a lifetime with proper care, then you ought to make sure you get it.

There’s nothing in the world more valuable than the Word of God. So whatever it is that you do, if you can, avail yourself of the opportunity of getting yourself the very finest Bible that we have, as it regards production. There is nothing in the world like genuine leather, and that’s the cover that’s on the Signature Edition.

As you can see, the price is cut to the bone in this issue of The Evangelist. If you so like, at the next Bible-thon, the price will be cut in half for even a greater savings. Whatever and whichever, take advantage of it now. You won’t be disappointed.


What we are seeing now is beautiful to behold, for which we give the Lord all the praise and glory; however, what we are seeing now is only a pinprick, so to speak, as by comparison to what it’s going to be. I believe we are going to see a harvest of souls such as the world has never known in its history. I believe the Lord has told me this, and I am anticipating and expecting it to happen. That being the case, it will take an anointing of the Holy Spirit that’s greater than anything we’ve seen in the past. I would urge you, please, to pray for us. I depend on that, I believe that, and I solicit your prayers, and do so constantly.


The Holy Spirit, I do believe, wants this message—the Message of the Cross—to be given to the entirety of the church world and the world in general, for that matter. This is what the Holy Spirit is presently saying to the modern church: It must return to the Cross. There is no other place—only the Cross, only the Cross, only the Cross! Thank you so very, very much for being a part of what God is doing. Please understand, we believe that you are called of God, exactly as we are. You cannot do without us, and we cannot do without you. It’s just that simple.


I’m speaking of those who live elsewhere in this great nation, and yet come by Family Worship Center to be with us in service. How so happy we are to have you. We believe that it will be well worth your while in coming, so we would urge each of you to come. If you are anywhere close to Baton Rouge, then make Family Worship Center a part of your visit. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Also, we have people calling who want to move here to be in the church. How so very happy we are to have you, providing that’s what the Lord wants you to do. Please understand, except in very limited circumstances, we have no employment for other people. As well, we have no accommodations for those who desire to stay. I wish we did, but we don’t. So if you come here, you must understand that you must provide for your own expenses, etc.


The dates for International Youth Conference 2016 are July 20-24. If you think these meetings are just for teenagers, then you could not be more wrong. It is the same as the campmeetings — the preaching, the music, the worship — it’s identical.

So, what am I saying? I’m saying that irrespective of your age, if it’s at all possible, you ought to be in these meetings. To be sure, you will be blessed, that I guarantee.

Yes, the greater part of the audience is young people. Get those kids fired up with the Holy Spirit, and you are talking about an energy that is unparalleled. In other words, it’s the place to be.

So, whether your hair is gray or whatever, make your plans to be in this youth conference. You won’t be disappointed.