From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
May 2019

A Word From The Lord

Every afternoon when I leave the office and go home, I always spend a period of time in prayer. I do that Monday through Friday. The year was 2010. Little did I know or realize what the Lord would do that particular day. As I went to prayer, almost immediately the Spirit of God came over me. And then the Lord spoke to my heart. He said, “The Evil One tried to close the door to this ministry in the 1990s, but I kept it open about 10 percent compared to what it had been.” Then He said, “But I am about to open that door wide.” What did the Lord mean, when He said, “I will open that door wide?” I was soon to find out.

In prayer the next afternoon, the Spirit of God did the same identical thing as He had done the day before. He began to move upon my heart and said, “You misunderstood Me yesterday.” I was somewhat taken aback. What did He mean?

The Lord went on to say, “When I said that I was about to open the door wide for this ministry, you thought I was speaking only of the placement of the programming.” (Actually, that was what I had thought.) Then the Lord said, “I definitely was speaking of the placement of the television programming, but I was also speaking concerning everything for which you have sought My face these last few years.” To say that I was taken aback would be an understatement.

What Did The Lord Mean?

He meant exactly what He had said. He was going to open the door wide in every aspect of this ministry, and that’s exactly what He has done.

In just a few days, the Lord gave me the go ahead to establish the network, and of course, I’m speaking of the SonLife Broadcasting Network.

Starting a network is a monumental task. It’s extremely expensive and extremely difficult. But the Lord had said to do it. Let me give you some information as to how that came about.

We had a meeting at the office, but it was not about a network. It was about something else entirely respecting television. But yet while I sat there at the table listening to others speak their piece, the Lord spoke to me telling me exactly what He wanted. I waited until the meeting was over and everyone left. Then the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “I want you to begin a network.” My first thought was, Lord, we don’t have the money to do that and without funds how can it be done?

At that time, we were on three cable systems: Dish Network, which was by far the largest, and two small cables. That was it.

But I was to learn that when the Lord says He is going to do something, nothing stands in His way.

We were to have a fundraising effort in just a few days, and I remember it came to my mind that we would soon see as to what the Lord would do.

Had I heard from the Lord? Had He spoken to me? Was it just in my mind? All of those questions would be answered, and shortly.

Look What The Lord Has Done

We set up the television studio in a little small room that was about 10 feet wide and maybe 15 feet long. You would look at it and think, It’s not possible to launch a network from such small beginnings. But thank God, the Lord knew what He was doing, and I found out that it was>
I told the people what the Lord had told me to do, and this was the beginning.

Miracle Of Miracles

I don’t think I will ever forget that moment. We were pushing for a million dollars, and I wondered in my mind how in the world it could ever be. The most we had ever received in those efforts, if I remember correctly, was $300,000 or approximately so.

During that fundraising effort, at about three o’clock in the afternoon, I heard a shout go up from our ladies who were answering phones. I asked what it was, and they told me, “We just reached a million dollars!” How could it be? How was it possible? But that’s what the Lord could do, and that’s what the Lord did do.

The Beginning

That’s how the SonLife Broadcasting Network began. It was a miracle from the beginning, and there is no end to it. The Lord has called us for world evangelism, which means to touch this world, and that’s what we are doing.

Thank you so much for being a part of it; thank you for helping to make it possible; and thank you for being led by the Lord as a chosen vessel. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!