From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
September 2014

Many churches that are just beginning find it very difficult to get musicians as it regards praise and worship. Perhaps the following suggestion would be of some help: if you would like, as many churches are already doing, you are welcome to tape the Sunday service of Family Worship Center, which comes to you by television. You can then play the praise and worship back over your public address system in your church, with the people singing along with it, which will give you an excellent praise and worship portion. There is absolutely no charge for this, and we would pray that you would take advantage of it. Donnie was in a church just the other day that had been doing this for some months, and he said the response was absolutely excellent. We want to be a help to you, and if you would like to do this until you can get your own musicians, please feel free to do so.


It just keeps growing and growing and growing. How so honored and privileged we are to have thousands upon thousands of you who are becoming a part of this ministry by the means of television, radio, or Internet. All over the world, people gather together and have church by watching the television service that comes from Family Worship Center every Sunday morning. It comes on live at 10 a.m. (CT) in America and then replays at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. (CT). Of course, we also have the Wednesday night Bible study and the Sunday night service, which are both aired also.

There’s nothing more important in the world than the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and there is nothing more important than the Gospel of the Cross.

Thank you so very, very much for being a part of it.


There are many of you who are members of Family Worship Center Media Church, and many who aren’t but still pay your tithes to this work, or at least give offerings, for which we are so very, very thankful.

If any believer will start out giving to God, and do so systematically, no matter how small it may be at the beginning, I’ll guarantee you that believer will be blessed by the Lord immeasurably so. If that person will be faithful and will live with the spirit of expectation, I can guarantee this will happen. The believer must trust that God is going to honor His Word, which He most definitely will do and, thereby, open the windows of Heaven. So, if you aren’t paying your tithes, start out right now and see what the Lord will do. Many might say, “Brother Swaggart, I would love to do that, but I just don’t see how I can.” That’s the worst decision that anyone can ever make.

The Lord said, “Prove me.” That means to put Him to the test (Mal. 3:10).

In fact, even as I have previously stated, many people write me asking, “Brother Swaggart, where do I owe my tithes?” The answer to that is very, very simple. You owe your tithes to that which feeds you. Like I said, it’s just that simple.


Of course, that’s a couple of months past; however, I felt I must say something about it. It was absolutely fantastic. Brother Mike and Sister Ana just did a marvelous job in giving these kids something that is very, very important.

Gabriel called Frances and me the Friday night of the camp. He had just picked up Sam and brought her home. Brother Mike preached on the Holy Spirit to the children, with hundreds present, then asked all who wanted to be baptized with the Holy Spirit to come forward. Sam was one of them. She is 7 years old. She had no sooner knelt at the altar when someone laid hands on her and she began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit of God gave the utterance. To say that her mother and dad, her grandparents, and her great-grandparents are happy is a gross understatement. How we thank the Lord for that.

Considering that this camp is growing so big, with hundreds and hundreds of kids all the way from 5 years old up to 12, we are going to have to plan differently for the hundreds that are going to come. We have the facilities here; it just takes a little planning to get it done. In how many kids’ camps in the nation can little kids get saved and then be baptized with the Holy Spirit? I am sure there must be a few, but that number is very, very low. We guarantee that when you send your children to Salvation Station International Kids Conference, they are going to get something that will do them for time and eternity. In fact, that goes for all the camps and conferences.


A lady wrote me the other day saying, “Brother Swaggart, the material that we get from your ministry is A1.” I appreciate that very much because that’s what we try to do. First of all, we try to make sure the content is that which will educate you in the Word of God, whether it be worship, preaching, or teaching. In other words, we want to give you something that’s worthwhile for your money, and we believe that we do. Whether it’s the Bibles, the books, the music, etc. - it’s the very best that we can do.

As well, as it regards the quality of the Bibles, books, music, etc., we try our best to give you the very finest production quality that money can buy.

In the midst of this note to you each month, I want to say, Thank you, for praying for us daily and for supporting this work, without which we simply couldn’t do what we are doing. Your gifts make it all possible. To be sure, there is nothing more important in the world than the Word of God, and there is nothing more valuable than the salvation of souls. Thank you for helping to make it all possible and for helping to change people’s lives.