From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
September 2018

What Is About To Happen…

Let me say this: We have seen and are seeing some great things, but what is about to happen in this world relative to the harvest of souls has never been witnessed before. It is going to be the greatest thing, I believe, that the Lord has ever done in all of history. The Lord never goes backward, He always goes forward. The SonLife Broadcasting Network is an integral part of this of what God is doing. You are helping to make that possible. I believe what is about to happen is going to be the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen. I believe the Lord has spoken that to my heart.

Your Help
How so much I thank you for what you do for us and the work of God every month, which means so very, very much. Our business is the entirety of the world. That’s what God has called us to do, and that’s what we, by His help and grace, are doing. Yet, as I say over and over again, irrespective of the call of God on my heart and life, and irrespective as to the scope of that call, I cannot do it without you. You are an integral part of what God is doing. I want you to understand that, to feel that, and to see yourself in that capacity, because it definitely is true.
Almost every week the Lord is opening up other doors all over the world. Of course we give Him all the praise and all the glory for that.

I hesitate to refer to anyone as a visitor, and I’m speaking of those who are with us almost every single Sunday morning at Family Worship Center. I hesitate to say this, because we look at you, as I’ve already stated, as an integral part of this work, wherever it is that you live. But I am encouraging you, when you take a trip anywhere, if possible, stop by Family Worship Center. We will be so glad to have you, and I think you will be greatly blessed.

The Books
So that you will know exactly what we are preaching and teaching, I would encourage you greatly to get each book that we put out. They are normally about 200 to 300 pages long, and very easy to read. They will help you to understand the Word of God, plus help you understand what God has called us to do. The Message of the Cross is the message for this hour; I believe that with all of my heart. It is what the Holy Spirit is presently saying to the churches. If that is correct, and with all of my heart I believe that it is, these books are extremely important, simply because they outline what the Holy Spirit is doing.

Let Me Urge You Please To Do The Following…
I am speaking of all of you who are blessed by SonLife Television. I do know if you watch it any time at all, that you are blessed plus instructed in the Word of God.
I’m asking you—and thank the Lord, many of you already do this—to ask the Lord what He would want you to give every month, and I assure you that He will answer. As I’ve already stated, many of you already do this, and it is such a blessing and help. However, it is not right, I think, in the eyes of God for us to have to have a shortfall every month. If everyone who is blessed by SonLife Television will do what he can each month—and I will leave the amount up to you and the Lord—that shortfall would be eliminated. I long for that day.
Many would say, “Brother Swaggart, I simply don’t have the money to do so.” I really don’t think that is correct, and let me explain.
I don’t care how little it is. I realize that a lot of you are on monthly pensions, and you don’t have much money. In fact, you struggle to make it stretch from one month to the next. If you only could give $5—it’s not that $5 will help us that much, it really won’t, but it will help you. Then I want you to believe God to bless you. Believe Him to open the door wide for your blessing. I’ll guarantee that you’ll see things begin to happen until you will no longer give $5 a month, but you’ll give $50 a month, $100 a month, etc. We have many who do just that, and they have watched God bless them through the years. He will do the same for you.
Then again, how I thank God for those of you who are so faithful every month. You are the backbone, the muscle, the sinew of this ministry—all under Christ. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing today.