From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
Sept 2015


I want to encourage each and every one of you to obtain for yourself all of our commentaries and books, etc. Anything that will help one learn and understand the Word of God to a greater degree is valuable indeed. And to be sure, our commentaries and our books, and, of course, the Expositor’s Study Bible will help you to do just that.

If you can only get one commentary a month, then take advantage and do it, especially considering that we have cut the price in half! You will soon have the entire set of all 38 volumes. And the same can go for the books. These books are easy to read and are chock-full of information concerning the subject at hand. In other words, what we give you in these volumes will be a blessing to you, and that we promise.


Of course, when any one of our preachers from Family Worship Center come close to your city or community for a meeting, whatever you do, avail yourself of the opportunity of being with them in service. You won’t regret it.

Both Donnie and Gabe are now going into auditoriums in whatever respective city that the meeting will be held. All of these are one-night services, but also have our musicians and singers, which guarantees worship that will bless your heart. And then of course the preaching of the gospel will bring people to Christ and will work a work within hearts and lives.

Again, if you are within driving distance of one of these meetings, whatever you do, you’ll want to be there. There is nothing in the world quite like them, and I think you will agree. So look at the schedule, and make your plans to be there.

Also, as many of you as can, don’t fail to be with us in the campmeetings at Family Worship Center. You talk about church, that’s church!

The next one is our Thanksgiving Campmeeting and the dates are November 25-29. It’s going to be a little bit of heaven on earth.


As I think is fairly obvious, it seems like our political leaders in America don’t understand the religion of Islam. They look at it as any other religion, which it isn’t.

As a result of their erroneous conclusion, they have surmised that only a few Muslims fall into the category of being radicals. They conclude all the balance to be a peace-loving people, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth.

< While all Muslims aren’t murderers, the truth is, all Muslims are in sympathy with the murderers. And to be frank, they hate Israel, and they hate us. All Muslims go by the Koran. And when the opportunity presents itself, they enforce the Koran, which means that every one who does not convert to Islam, will be made a slave or killed—and killed on the spot.

The following should be understood: The Muslim world does not lack the will, they only lack the way. What do I mean by that? If they had their way, the streets of America would run red with blood. As stated, every one in this nation would instantly convert to Islam or be beheaded. The only reason they don’t do it is simply because they can’t do it.

And here is the rub: Sooner or later one of these radicals is going to get their hands on a small atomic bomb. They’re going to detonate it in one of our cities, killing tens of thousands of people.

I once thought if that horrible thing happened that we might wake up. However, we are so blind to the truth, that I’m not sure even that would wake us up.

Our nation desperately needs revival. The church desperately needs to come back to the Cross. That’s the only hope for America, and the world for that matter.


I’m speaking to those of you who pray for us, and who support this work financially, without which we could not do what we are doing. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have the message. I also know what it will do in the hearts and lives of both the redeemed and the unredeemed. Thank you for helping to make it possible.

A few weeks ago, the Holy Spirit spoke at Family Worship Center with a message in tongues and interpretation. In essence it said: “I am going to hold back judgment for a period of time, and during that time I’m going to pour out My Spirit,” or words to that effect.

To be sure, America is due judgment, but thank God if in fact He is going to hold that judgment back. Whatever the Lord is going to do, I want Family Worship Center, in effect the entirety of this ministry, to be a part of it. I believe we will!


Incidentally, the correspondence online Bible college courses are going like gangbusters. This is an excellent opportunity for you to go to college without having to come to Baton Rouge. And thank the Lord that scores of people are taking advantage of this most excellent offer.

We have cut the price down to the bone, and we have done so because we want as many of you as is possible to take advantage of this. You can get credit courses, or you can get audit courses. The choice is yours. For more information, you can visit our website:, or you can call (225) 768-3890. But whatever you do, take advantage of this because it has been put together just for you.