About SonLife Broadcasting Network

Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature
(Mark 16:15)

The SonLife Broadcasting Network is a Christian multi-media network, which includes Television, Radio and Internet broadcasts. An outreach of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, this network offers a variety of live and prerecorded programs, specializing in music and teaching, that appeal to audiences of all generations and backgrounds. The line-up is comprised of music, talk-shows, live Church services, studio programs, youth programs, children’s programs and much, much more. Jimmy Swaggart Ministries has not only had an impact in the United States in the last 50 years, but as well, has an international reach that still continues to this day. Below is just a summary of some of the programs that are broadcast on The SonLife Broadcasting Network:

The Music of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries

A major part of the programming will include music produced at the Ministries’ home church, Family Worship Center, as well as other locations and venues. Jimmy Swaggart Ministries has long been known for its unique style of music that has drawn listeners from several generations. Reverend Swaggart has recorded over 50 Gospel albums, with over 16 million sold world-wide. As well, his music has been recognized by some of the most renowned associations, having been nominated for numerous Dove and Grammy awards. Along with Rev. Swaggart, there will be also be many other singers, groups and choirs performing Gospel music that is sure to touch the lives of the viewer. Backed by a group of some of the finest musicians and singers in the world today, the music seen on the SonLife Broadcasting Network is comparable to none other.

The Jimmy Swaggart Telecast

The Ministries’ flagship program, includes teaching and preaching taken from both the studio and live services. Rev. Swaggart, along with his son Donnie and grandson Gabriel are featured on this program with the sole purpose to preach and teach the Gospel message. The Jimmy Swaggart Telecast has aired continuously since its first broadcast in 1975. Having been broadcast at various times in at least 11 different languages, this program is one that has definitely had impact on numerous continents. Even today, the program is aired in over 104 countries around the word, still making an impact that is unparalleled.

The Message of the Cross

The Message of the Cross is hosted by Reverend Jimmy Swaggart. This live, one-hour, “round table” discussion group studies Biblical topics and passage, with a systematic approach to each. With a panel of ministers, Biblical professors and teachers, this program is sure to address each Biblical discussion to the fullest extent possible, and beyond. Each topic is covered in an in-depth manner to provide the viewer an opportunity to learn and gain knowledge in a way like they quite possibly have never been able to before.

Frances and Friends

Frances and Friends is hosted by Frances Swaggart. The Frances and Friends live broadcast is a talk-show format that deals with current events, doctrinal questions and information relevant to the viewer today. With a panel of Bible teachers, ministers, scholars and advisers, the program includes guest interviews, book reviews, news information and allows audience participation with question and answer segments in each show. Frances and Friends currently has the largest audience on the SonLife Radio network.

Family Worship Center Live

The SonLife Broadcasting Network features the Family Worship Center Church services, a multi-cultural, non-denominational congregation. Drawing congregants from all ages, ethnic backgrounds, social backgrounds and classes, this unique Church offers an opportunity for everyone to feel welcome and a part of something very special. The state of the art facility provides opportunity for an interactive experience which allows the viewer to feel like they were right there with the other congregants. Services include both music and messages that are sure to reach out and lift up the viewer and give them hope and inspiration in a much needed way. Numerous people view the services live on a weekly basis and consider these services as their home church. With a continuous compliment of ministers and speakers, Family Worship Center Live will always bring an assortment of style and content sure to keep the viewers attention.

Youth and Young Adults: Crossfire Youth Ministries

SBN features several programs for youth and young adults with Pastor Gabriel Swaggart.. Crossfire Live is a broadcast taken from our live youth service. This allows our viewers to experience these services just as if they were a member of the youth group. As well, CrossTalk with Gabriel Swaggart is a live, interactive Bible Study hosted by Gabe Swaggart, with a panel of other youth workers and ministers. Viewers are able to call-in and ask questions and participate in the program. Straight Talk for Teens is a new program that will that will deal with topic and subjects relevant to this generation of teens! Using the Bible as their foundation, they will address social issues, current events, and life situations that would impact today’s teenager.

Children’s Programming: “Salvation Station”

Salvation Station is the children’s outreach for Family Worship Center and features our Children's Pastor, Mike Muzzerall.. With their one-hour program on Saturdays, kids are able to enjoy music, Bible stories, short stories and other content that is sure to keep a child’s attention for the duration of the program! This program is informative and educational for children of all ages and is gaining a tremendous following.

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